How can I support Keri island?

You can always set up regular donations and become a regular contributor by setting up a standing monthly payment order for MTÜ Keri Selts (a/a

EE221700017002571148 (Luminor) or EE117700771004086867 (LHV)). Set the desired amount and write the name of the sponsor and keyword “regular contributor” into the explanation field.

The other way is to make a one-time donation onto MTÜ Keri Selts back account EE221700017002571148 (Luminor). Into the explanation field, please write your name and keyword „supporting Keri“.

I don’t have money but still want to help

There is always something missing and needed on Keri. Here is the list of things you can always bring with you:

If you need more precise information, please call the island watch on +372 5981 7421.

There have been several groups coming to Keri for help. For example, last we were visited by a team from SWED Bank over their project of „Donate Time“.

Also, every year we are having a global project of „Let’s do it!“ on Keri as well. This year we will be giving a final lift for new windows, making flower and spice beds, fixing the compost box and a lot more.

There are a lot bigger projects that need to get done on Keri – For example fixing up buildings on Keri, remodeling and repair work for the island watch rooms, repair of the stove to keep warm, updating the heating system, etc.

If you think you could help Keri with any of those bigger projects, please let us know by writing to

We appreciate all our current and new supporters!